On the pages here you will find information about directions, how to get collect your room key, how to get online and our advice for arrival at Caius. The Freshers’ Reps will be able to answer all your questions (find their email addresses here)

The first place you’ll want to head is the Harvey Court Porters’ Lodge (not to be confused with Harvey Road, where much of the graduate accommodation is located. The Harvey Court Porters’ Lodge is on West Road). Here you’ll be able to pick up your room key and your university card. Your University card acts as your student ID, library and access card, and is used to swipe into hall and pay for meals.

Another important place to visit is the Old Courts’ MCR, located in the town centre; the MCR is in D Staircase in Gonville Court (the court at the back right of the college when one enters through the Old Courts Porters’ Lodge from Trinity St.), and there you will find your pigeonhole (mailbox).

Basics: Sleeping & Eating

As noted on the accommodation page, while accommodation offered by College is largely furnished, it is well worth considering that ‘furnishing’ here does not include pillows, duvets, towels, or linens of any kind; you will therefore want to bring these with you, or purchase them immediately. The least expensive place to do is at the Grafton Centre, about a 15 minute walk from the Old Courts and the Harvey Road-area accommodation. The most convenient place to do this is at Marks & Spencer, a two-minute walk from the Old Courts (in the Market Square) or John Lewis, at the far end of the Grand Arcade (a covered mall adjacent to Market Square).

In addition, while the kitchens and gyp rooms come with the usual appliances large (stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers etc.) and small (toasters, microwaves, kettles), none of the smaller matterscookware, utensils, dishes, cups, glasses–are provided. Again, you can purchase these items at the best prices at the Grafton Centre, while other major stores in the centre of town, including Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencers, John Lewis, & TK Maxx, will often have these at a variety of price points as will other cooking-oriented stores near Market Square.

To move

The vast majority of Caius graduates (and indeed Cambridge students of all sorts) get around via bicycle. The market is badly inflated during the first few weeks of the term, and those travelling from within the UK might prefer to purchase bikes in towns with cycle markets more favorable to consumers. The majority of students purchase used cycles, which can be found at a handful of bike stores across town. Two of the stores offering better value include repair shops in the small alleys next to the Anchor Pub and Fitzbillies’ Coffee Shop (Laundress Lane and Botolph Lane, respectively, should you want to Google map); there is also a vendor at the Market, Monday through Saturday, from 10am-4pm. Don’t forget to accessorise–a lock is a must (Cambridge is renowned for bike thefts), as are front and tail lights (or else risk a fine around £50 from the zealous Cambridge police).

To participate in Cambridge rituals…

A gown is the quintessential piece of Cambridge paraphernalia, and is of particular importance for Caius students who are required to wear one nightly to enter the dining hall. These can be purchased new from Ede & Ravenscroft, and used from Ryder & Amies (both on King’s Parade) and A&E Clothiers (on Downing Street).

Getting online

All Caius graduate accommodation is equipped with ethernet jacks; a good proportion, including all rooms on Grange Road, Harvey Road, St. Paul’s Road, Gresham Road, and Mortimer Road have wireless internet access as well (eduroam and UniOfCam). Please note that if you intend to access the internet via the ethernet, you must bring your own ethernet cord with you or purchase one in Cambridge.

Fortunately, the college and university have conspired to offer you an exceptionally simple, streamlined way to get going online. All one needs to do is access a computer already connected to the Cambridge network. These can be found in the basement of the library (located in the Cockerell building, just across the Senate House Passage from the Old Courts in the centre of town) or in the basement of 6 Harvey Road. Login to one of these computers as a guest, then go to https://jackdaw.cam.ac.uk/signup/ and be prepared to enter information (including your admissions reference code issued by Camsis). At the end of this grand quest you will be issued a CRSid (a 5-digit identifier including your initials) and a Raven log-in password (bring pen and paper…). This in turn grants you access to the great Camelot of hall booking, Hermes access (your Cambridge email account), computer login at labs across Cambridge, and other such services as dreams are made on.

If you forget your password, need more information, or are otherwise enthusiastic about this deeply intuitive process, please go to:


For general inquiries concerning computing at Caius, get in touch with the IT Officer (computer.office@cai.cam.ac.uk or http://intranet.cai.cam.ac.uk/computing)