New students, affectionately dubbed ‘freshers’, arrive in the 2 weeks leading up to the start of Michaelmas term in Cambridge. During the fortnight before and just as classes start, the MCR Freshers’ Reps organise a series of social events and activities to introduce new grads to Caius, the university, and the MCR Community. The  Freshers Reps are  can be contacted by email (see here for emails) if you have any pressing concerns before arriving in Cambridge. They’re a great source of information for anything related to the MCR, the college, or PhD & personal life in general!

Caius runs one of the most extensive Freshers’ weeks in Cambridge (which is why we call it Freshers Fortnight) and new grads are warmly encouraged to attend as many events as they like, since the fortnight is an excellent way to be introduced to Cambridge and Caius.  The MCR Committee runs most of the events, so it’s also a good way to meet us as well as current grads. It varies year-on-year but usually we start with a Meet & Greet Pizza dinner.  During the first week we also have a historical tour of college led by a Caius Fellow, followed by tea & fruitcake in the Senior Common Room, a Curry Dinner, several drop-in teas in the Old Courts Common Room, Tapas night, clubbing, a BBQ at our external Common Room, a pub crawl and a green garden party. Freshers Fortnight culminates with the ever-popular Running Dinner, where every fresher is given a ‘schedule’ for each course (starter-main-dessert) at a different graduate house, lovingly prepared and hosted by current students. A full schedule of events will be distributed upon your arrival in Cambridge and sent by email. Don’t forget to check out the Freshers’ Facebook page to find more information, ask questions of current grads, or liaise with other grads new to Caius (Usually called ‘Caius Graduate Freshers [Year] – the group is usually created circa August/September). We look forward to meeting you!