Here is the dedicated team that runs the Gonville & Caius MCR and organises all the fabulous events! We’re an approachable bunch, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! Emails are listed below:


خوش آمدی! I’m Saba (she/her). As your MCR president I will ensure that the views of our postgraduate community are represented at the level of the College Council. I will work closely with the College to ensure all policies and policy decisions are communicated to MCR members. Caius will be your second home and should be a place where everyone feels included and empowered to fulfil their student experience. I will be supporting a fantastic MCR Committee to contribute to various aspects of postgraduate life at Caius. Get in touch if you would like to speak to me:


Hi everyone, my name is Ayat (she/her). I’m a second year PhD student in Psychology and my research focuses on the cognitive and neural changes leading to age-related memory decline. As Vice President, I am thrilled to represent the MCR student body and ensure that students have an enjoyable experience at Caius. I look forward to working alongside other committee members in helping to create a more diverse and inclusive graduate community. If you have any concerns, issues, or anything you want to discuss about college life, don’t hesitate to get in touch (


Kia ora! I'm Benson (he/him), your MCR Secretary. I'm in the first year of my PhD in Clinical Neurosciences. My role is pretty self-explanatory - I organise the MCR Committee meetings, write and distribute minutes, and uphold the MCR constitution. I'm also an advocate for international students at Caius, particularly Antipodeans like myself. If you have any questions/suggestions or want to know where to get a proper flat white in Cambridge, get in touch: mcr-secretary [at]

Anthony B

Hi I'm Anthony (he/him), a final year plant scientist and long-time Caian. I'm the MCR Treasurer, meaning I'm in charge of setting the budget, ensuring it's spent and reimbursing the other officers. If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to get in touch at

Anthony L
Male Welfare & Computing Officer

Hi there, I’m Anthony (he/him) and I’m the Computing and joint Male Welfare Officer. I’m a 4th year Clinical Medicine Student. Along with the other welfare officers, I’m here to promote the welfare of our MCR community through running events and being a friendly face to have a chat to about anything, no matter how big or small, as it’s so important to keep mental health in check, especially in this year. I’m also involved in maintaining the MCR website and helping with anything IT related in the MCR. Get in touch with any queries or messages: mcr-welfare ( at ), or AJCL3 ( at ) to contact me personally 🙂

Male Welfare Officer

Hi I am Arshad (he/him), a first year PhD student in neuroscience. As joint welfare officer, my focus is to support the welfare of MCR members via organising events focused on mental health and physical wellbeing. If you have any questions please get in touch;

Women & Non-Binary Welfare Officer

Hello, I am Liana (she/her) and I am the Women & Non-binary Welfare Officer. I am a second year PhD student studying cancer biology at the Department of Biochemistry. Alongside the other welfare officers, my role is focused on the wellbeing of our post-grads. I aim to create an open and safe space to target mental health, body image and issues surrounding women and non-binary individuals. I strongly believe that “empowered women, empower women” so in addition to campaigning, I hope to arrange events that will promote female and non-binary empowerment in college, the university and overseas. Please reach out if you need to confidentially discuss any issues, I am here to listen – Liana (lh671).

BAME Officer

Hi, I'm David (he/him) and I'm half-English half-American and half-Mexican. I grew up both in the California bay area and in Morelia, Mexico. After a few research summers at UCSF, I travelled to NY to study for an undergraduate degree. I obtained my BS in Biochemistry from Siena College, a gorgeous small liberal arts college 3 hours north of New York City. Soon after, I joined Adrian Liston's team at the Babraham Institute studying regulatory T cells in the context of tissue residency. After a brief intermission at the CRUK Cambridge Institute flow core as a research assistant, I received a CONACYT-Cambridge Trust grant to study the role of resident B cells in the CNS. I now am a student in Menna Clatworthy's lab located at the MRC-LMB, in the Biomedical Campus. I will be serving as an officer to amplify Ethnic Minority students' voices on the MCR committee. My aims are concentrated in reviewing the policies in our lovely college and identifying ways we can build a more inclusive community at Caius for all minorities. My second aim will focus on highlighting and providing a platform for the showcase of BME-produced art, writing and more, and I will do so by engaging everyone at the college.

Sports Officer

Hi I'm Alice (she/her), a 1st Year PhD student, studying Cardiovascular Disease. I'm from Hull and I am ready to bring a touch of the North to Caius MCR. This last year has been incredibly tough for everyone and that's why I am committed to focusing on encouraging sport and exercise in the MCR for the benefits to mental health. I have lots of ideas, particularly for the warmer, summer months, that we will all hopefully be able to enjoy! Get in touch at: 🙂

Freshers' Rep & International Officer

Hi! I am Maria (she/her), a second year PhD student in Applied Mathematics. As both the International Officer and the Fresher's Representative this year, I am looking forward to organising a fun-filled week to welcome everyone who's new to Caius, and I will also provide up-to-date information throughout the year for you all to feel at home in Cambridge. Please feel free to contact me at (international officer address) or (fresher's rep address)


Hi! I'm Emer (she/her), a 3rd year PhD student working at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, using machine learning models to understand human vision. As MCR-SCR rep, I organise talks each term for the grad students and fellows of Caius, and hopefully opportunities to dine with the fellows at high table can return before long.

Green Officer

Ni hao (hello in Chinese)! I'm Heqing (she/her), and am a sociologist of health and medicine. I've been a Caian for four years now. It makes me happy to serve this great community and do something helpful. I am passionate about environmental issues and I care about our living conditions. If you have any sustainability or accommodation-related questions, feel free to contact me! The College has been a wonderful home for us. Together let's make our campus greener and more sustainable!

LGBT+ Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Thomas (he/him). I'm a sixth year medical student and I'm the LGBT+ officer. If you have any issues or problems relating to sexuality or gender and college life, feel free to get in touch. Beyond that I'll be working with the treasurer and welfare officers to arrange events to help queer grad students to connect within the college.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions!

Partners and Families Officer

Hello! I’m Kieran and I’m a PhD student researching new materials for solar energy harvesting. As the Partners and Families Rep in the MCR I’m responsible for representing the interests of those in the MCR with long term partners, spouses, and/or child(ren) or other dependents and ensuring they feel part of the Caius community. Email if you want to get in touch.

Social Secretary

Hello!! I’m Morgan (he/him/they/them), a 3rd year immunology PhD student at the LMB and also one of your Social Secretaries. As a PhD student I’m basically here for a fun time and a long time. I’m always up for organising events and excited to meet you all. If you have any questions or event suggestions please get in touch with the dream social team using:

Social Secretary

Hi! I’m Floris (he/him), first year PhD student in Land Economy from Holland. As Social Secretary, I’m looking forward to organising events that will make us all forget there ever was a pandemic. Please get in touch with us via if you have a great idea for an event or if you have any questions.

Dining Officer

Hi, I'm Andrew (he/him) and I'm a second year PhD student in Chemistry - I'm acting Dining Officer for this year's MCR. I hope we'll be able to ensure a smooth transition back to the dining experience that helps to bring Caius together as a community. Feel free to get in touch at

Dining Officer

Hi everyone, I'm Alex (she/her)! I'm a first year PhD student in the Pathology department. Having been at Caius for the last 5 years, I appreciate that formal dinners are an integral part of social life of Caius and I'm looking forward to being involved in the planning of exciting events to make up for the fun we missed out on last year! Feel free to contact me:

Dining Officer

Hi everyone, I'm Kumar (he/him) and I'm a 1st year PhD student building mathematical models to understand gastrointestinal disease, in the Biotechnology department. I'm also a medical student training in the US. As one of your dining officers, I'm excited to work with the committee to bring the best food and dining events to all the Caians.

Dining Officer

Salom! I’m Farahnoz (she/her) and I am one of the dining officers at Caius. I’m a
first year PhD student in Plant Sciences, researching the evolution and
development of flowering plants. I’m excited to be a part of the Caius
MCR and help cultivate an inviting, supportive, and exciting culture at
Caius. Cheers to many exciting dinners in our future. Feel free to get
in touch via:

Dining Officer

Hello everyone! I’m Ellis (she/her) and I am a PhD student in the Department of
Genetics and I am one of the Dining Officers for the MCR. Prior to the
pandemic, the formal dinners were my one of my favourite parts of
the Caius and Cambridge experience. In the next year, I hope to help
the MCR in creating memorable and special Formals, Superhalls and
events. Hopefully we can celebrate and make up for the last year!
Looking forward to meeting you all.