The Fellows, or the SCR (Senior Combination Room), form the governing body and are the senior academic members of the College. Interactions between the MCR (graduates / you) and the SCR occur mostly when you incidentally step on the grass and are in sore need of a reprimand. No, that’s not true. The Caius Fellows are mostly an approachable and friendly bunch (well, mostly). However, if your luck has run out and haven’t met a single Fellow, the MCR-SCR Representative organises events in commons with Fellows all year round:

  • Graduates Dining at High Table,

  • Fellows Dining in the Gallery (each once a term),

  • MCR-SCR Talks

  • The Keys to Caius Conference

The primary focal-point of this relationship (MCR-SCR talks) is a series of talks during which a graduate and a Fellow each give a 20 minute presentation of their research to a mixed audience of graduates and Fellows. These take place after Hall every other Tuesday at 20:30, usually in the Senior Parlour, and all Fellows and graduates in the College are invited to attend. Generous quantities of wine are on hand and conversation after the talks can often continue well into the night.

Details about upcoming talks (and an archive of past talks) can be found here:

A few examples of previous MCR-SCR talks include:

  • ”I can feel the mafia but I can’t see it’: the anthropological imagination of criminal justice magistrates in western Sicily’

  • ‘Placenta: The epigenetics behind the forgotten organ’

  • ‘What drives Sunni-Shi’i Sectarianism?’

  • ‘High stakes gambling: How E coli‎ bet with their lives’