“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not
dined well.”
— Virginia Woolf

“Dining is my passion”
— Atharva Argade-Miskin

Dining is one of the focal points of our MCR, and eating in College allows graduates to get together and keep in touch over the busy weeks of term time. In addition to the 6-times weekly Formal Hall put on by the College, the MCR Dining Officers (who you can contact at mcr-dining@cai.cam.ac.uk) are responsible for organising MCR-specific dining events such as Superhall; they are your first port of call for anything dining-related. The College also provides brunch on Saturdays.

Unlike many other Cambridge colleges, Caius has ‘Formal Hall’ every night during Term apart from Saturdays, except when other special dinners are happening in Hall. Gowns are not required at Cafeteria Hall, but the same food is served at both Formal Hall and Cafeteria Hall. The only difference between the two is the formality of donning a gown, being served 3 courses by the College catering staff, and being able to sit in the Gallery, which is exclusively open to postgraduates on Thursdays (as opposed to the main hall, which is open to all students). Dining in Hall is one of the focal points of Caius life, both academically and socially, as it serves as a regular forum to meet other students while taking an evening break from the library or lab, creating a unique sense of community and intimacy that sets Caius apart from many other Cambridge colleges.

The MDR (Minimum Dining Requirement)
Graduates at Caius are required to purchase 16 dinners each term (8 if you live out of college or have special permission from your tutor). Each dinner ticket entitles you to a standard 3-course dinner at Caius.

Superhall is always one of the best MCR dining events. Taking place twice per Full Term, they are a 4-course, MCR-only dinner served in Hall, usually including pre- and post-dinner drinks, in Black Tie (but no gowns though!). They often incorporate themes such as Classical Civilisation, St Patrick’s Day, or the much loved “Spookerhall” at Halloween, and Christmas Superhall. You can click here for more information on dress codes at Caius. The Christmas Superhall is the pinnacle of MCR events and one of the most hotly anticipated dining events in the MCR social calendar. It blows every other Dining event out of the water! The Dining Officers are in charge of organising these events and choosing the menu, as well as devising a seating plan, serving drinks, and ensuring the event proceeds smoothly that night.

They also organise “formal swaps” with other college MCRs, where Caians are afforded the opportunity to dine at another college, and in return, postgraduate students from that college will dine at Caius, typically at a Superhall, in return!