Long-term partners 

Every year, a number of Caius freshers move with their partners and/or families. Caius MCR prides itself on being inclusive, and this extends to all partners of Caius MCR members being regarded as honorary members themselves.

This entails that partners are entitled (and encouraged to)

  • Attend any Caius MCR organised events (e.g. freshers week events, weekly port nights, MCR-SCR talks, bops).
  • Attend formals as a “guest” (guest ticket required via the meal booking system)
    • Nb – children may also attend as “guests”, and the college has 3 high-chairs stored in the gallery. Candles should be removed from tables with children under 7.
  • Certain tailored dining events, such as “Guest Night” or certain Super Halls with dedicated long-term partner tickets.
  • Have a “partner card” made, which allows access to the MCR facilities at 6 Harvey Road basement (TV room, pool room), as well as through to the backyards with outdoor tables/chairs and barbecue facilities. This is organised by the Caius student simply emailing head.porter@cai.cam.ac.uk with their partner CC’d, and stating their full name.

Child care

Caius students with children will also have priority place at the Mrs Cameron Day Nursery (on Sidgwick Avenue, near Harvey Court). Additionally, the University of Cambridge itself has a number of other childcare facilities / nurseries around time, applied for using a single application form: details found here: https://www.childcare.admin.cam.ac.uk/.