Welcome to the Gonville & Caius MCR website!

Caius (pronounced ‘Keys’, as per the original spelling) is one of the oldest and largest colleges of the University of Cambridge. The Caius MCR (short for ‘Middle Combination Room’, as opposed to the ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ Combination Rooms where undergraduates and fellows, respectively, meet to socialise) is known for its welcoming social events. The Caius MCR effectively acts as the Caius Graduate Union also.

The events we organise include dining events known as ‘Superhalls’, such as a lavish Christmas Dinner (more on these on the Dining web page), weekly “Port Nights” (where postgraduates enjoy free port in the MCR after Thursday Formal Hall, where the gallery is reserved for postgraduates), several parties a year, pub trips, a roster of MCR-SCR talks (during which a graduate student and a fellow each give a 20-minute presentation about their research), green allotments for growing your own herbs and veggies, and a healthy smattering of other, less regularly scheduled events.

We’re a friendly bunch – small enough in number to create a vivid sense of community, but large and diverse enough to cater to a student body of true depth and brilliance – with MPhils and PhDs from across the world conducting research across the full gamut of disciplines. Wherever you’re from, whatever you study, and however you enjoy spending your time, we hope you’ll feel at home in the Caius MCR!

We’re also proud to say that, in keeping with its commitment to academic excellence, Caius is easily among the most generous colleges in terms of studentships and other funding opportunities it offers to graduate students. Unlike almost every other college, Caius offers several studentships each year that provide a stipend in addition to covering all university and College fees. For a detailed description of the array of financial support available for applicants, please visit the College’s Postgraduate Finance web page.

Contacting the Admissions Office

If you have a question about graduate admissions, you may well find the answer on the main Caius website at cai.cam.ac.uk/postgraduate.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or would like to seek clarification or advice on any matter, please contact the Admissions Office.

Email: admissions@cai.cam.ac.uk
Phone: 01223 332413
Fax: 01223 332456

Alternatively, please feel free to contact either the MCR President (at mcr.president@cai.cam.ac.uk) or Vice-President (at mcr-vice.president@cai.cam.ac.uk) with any questions.